Brunswick County, NC Welcomes Atlas Premiere Property Services

Atlas Premiere Property Services has been an idea in the making for quite some time.

After 20 years of helping neighbors and friends with home improvement projects and maintenance of their long term rental properties, (not to mention our own), helping get their homes ready to sell and even providing home watch services…

We have made it official! Atlas Premiere Property Services is open for business!

Atlas Premiere is unique to Brunswick County though. We are not just a handyman or lawn care service. Our main goal is to build ongoing relationships with our customers and provide preventative home maintenance packages.

But yes, we also do one time projects and honestly, that is just the tip of the iceberg. When we say full service property maintenance, we mean FULL SERVICE! Below are a few of my favorite services for our area:

#1 – Prepping Your Home for Sale or Rent – ATTENTION all BRUNSWICK COUNTY REAL ESTATE AGENTS – this is huge! Our market is hot, hot, hot! As all of you know, getting a home ready to list is no easy feat. Clean-up, junk hauled off, painting, flooring, handyman, you name it… Easier plan = ONE call to Atlas Premiere. One price. Done.

#2 – Home Watch Services – We have done this for years on a private basis. Pretty much goes like this, “We bought our 2nd home here and don’t visit nearly enough” OR “I decided to list my home and move back North. It is empty and needs upkeep while it is listed. Can you help?” Yes we can! It is called a Home Watch Service and is already available in many resort markets (although a fairly new concept to Brunswick County). This works well for long-term or short-term situations. It is super affordable and literally the best thing you can do to protect your investment. Plus, one of many added bonuses = check out the Homeowner Concierge service. We bring wine!

#3 – Hurricane Storm Services – A biggie for all our Brunswick County, NC homeowners. We all hear the big news, a hurricane is brewing and heading right for us. The Atlas Premiere team races over to your home to batten down the hatches. Afterwards, homeowner reporting (with photos for our out of towner’s) and clean-up efforts begin. If needed of course.

At the heart of our company, what really drives us in our business is to simply help those that are unable to manage these cumbersome tasks on their own. At the end of the day, we find it rewarding and have come to build life-long friendships.

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